Sarghoda Visit

The city popularly known for oranges has its own distinctiveness that one can’t deny. Experienced so much love for ownself from the people resides here one feels that he’s the proprietar of this wonderful city, people treats like there king have visited them. This take me to the thought that still the enthusiasm towards hospitality is alive and will prosper in near future.

As we arrived here on 12 January 2019 around 8:00 PM in night my maternal uncle picks us up from Daewoo terminal and than we move on to the beautiful heaven on earth his farmhouse, after our arrival we’re guided to a 2 room guestroom which wasn’t less than a 7 star hotel room every luxury of life is provided in it one can’t even dream of it. Sometimes Allah almighty blessed us which we can’t even imagine or dream of.


As he walks off in the middle of the park with his head down something in his mind was making him goes deep in to his thought which was a bit far from his home,


Well Good Evening Fellas, Its Mr. Executive here Today I am going to write on something which is in my heart and mind, there might surely be having some errors because I am not a good english writer, as per situations now a days around us we’ll surely find practical application of this topic in our surroundings as we may have experienced this particular one sided approach at each and every level of our lives.

“We experiences favoritism from the day we born to the day we die.”

Mostly a thought our brain generates that we’ve done a brilliant job by favoring the individual who don’t deserve just because he or she is closely related to us, that’s the thinking which developed in our mind from our childhood, “we’ve to take care of our close ones even if they’re wrong while ignoring others who aren’t related to us but they are on right side.

Favoritism has evilish nature! why?

To explain i will take a little example from our daily lives as we can see in a family there are two types of children one is the lowest grade achiever (not good at course work/studies) & other one is highest grade achiever (Very good at course work/studies) so mostly guardians make the second one who is the topper as the “apple of their eyes” while the first one who’s mostly the failure becomes “bad egg” in the family. The parent discriminate between both children one become the Hero or The Champion while other one become Zero or villain just becuase of studies, as the parental love mostly comes in the bucket of toppers while it hurts the self esteem of the inferior, most of the times children takes this approach as negative which slowly gradually creates a sense of jealousy in them for there siblings, but it is not in all of the cases it’s just an example quoted by me to clear that how the sense of favoritism is developed from our childhood. Sometimes, I feel that this world doesn’t know the true meaning of Justice, Why Justice has to do with this topic? Yeah well Favoritism creates injustice so it has a lot to do with the words justice, it is an unrealised war against justice as if we see it in legal scenario like for an instance the favor is for individuals who are the culprits than legally it will termed as “Injustice” which is the biggest reason behind decline of many so called civilized societies.

Our society is facing decline due to this factor we don’t care about the other side we just see what we think is right, in every field of life favoritism is involved like it has become like carbon dioxide in the air,  how it’s involved? as we can easily find examples of it in the corporate offices, universities, even in banks and the list goes on and on, this particular word has created too many complexities in the society not only that but behind it there is an unlikely word “bribe” is involved which is very much common in many nations, if we talk about bribe it is like a termite eating a wood or a cigarette’s smoke. It destroyes a system slowly but very effectively that after getting in its swamp a society will never come out because it has the evilish glamour that one won’t want to come out.

A corporate individual bribing the other one through an envelope






Story of Startup to decline

Every individual has four stage in life which are:

  • Startup
  • Growth
  • Maturity
  • Decline

As the life starts every individual have to pass through these stages to spent a full life, but unfortunately some people’s phases passes really fast as they themselves couldn’t do much about it, as it’s something which might be happened due the circumstances around them which enforces them to quickly jump to the maturity after growth without spending full time a full interval there, in addition as those people jump to the that stage the final stage also comes in a hurry ignoring everything, the decline is always a painful thing for everyone, that’s the summary of life it’s the lesson for everyone that never consider yourself as a failure because may be you are at growth while your competitor is at final moments of maturity.

World, A Temprory illusion

Illusion is a word which has simple meaning “دھوکا”, which we can take in the sense of fraudulent existence, the world we live in can be called as that, why?

Its really simple and straight forward that how this existing materialistic world can be called as temporary illusion, as we can see that every object in front of us wherher living or non living has an ending life, even we have to leave this world someday. World has never been a permaneny place for anyone, it’s a rest house for passengers as we are the passengers, time is our mode of transportation it is going without any stop and we are just going in its flow without recognizing it seriously, we are not preparing our selves for the destination, at which we can reach in no time.

Destination is where our travelling stops and then there is no more travelling remains, Eternal Life/world which is without end and will exists forever, that is our true destination but unfortunately we aren’t ready for that life we are just enjoying illusions of this world without noticing our ownself from the day we born to the present we are living in.

Sometimes, I wish that if i were a leaf or drop of water which has a very little life and which aren’t answerable to their act. But I as an human being have to answer for my acts…..

Just remember never trust anyone or anything in this world even not your ownself, because on the day of judgement your own organs will testify against your infront of Allah (S.W.T).


“What the word beauty says

 about its self to your heart is the real meaning of it”

Well every individual existing in this world can describe beauty in his own ways, like one may say his or her crush is the most beautiful in this world, one must be thinking his or her ownself as most beautiful, a bat seeks beauty in the dark because it faces blindness in the light, same as the case with different living beings as they seek difference in beauty according to their view,

This view is generated through the process of in knowledge which individuals gain though studying or observing about the nature exist in this world”