Well Good Evening Fellas, Its Mr. Executive here Today I am going to write on something which is in my heart and mind, there might surely be having some errors because I am not a good english writer, as per situations now a days around us we’ll surely find practical application of this topic in our surroundings as we may have experienced this particular one sided approach at each and every level of our lives.

“We experiences favoritism from the day we born to the day we die.”

Mostly a thought our brain generates that we’ve done a brilliant job by favoring the individual who don’t deserve just because he or she is closely related to us, that’s the thinking which developed in our mind from our childhood, “we’ve to take care of our close ones even if they’re wrong while ignoring others who aren’t related to us but they are on right side.

Favoritism has evilish nature! why?

To explain i will take a little example from our daily lives as we can see in a family there are two types of children one is the lowest grade achiever (not good at course work/studies) & other one is highest grade achiever (Very good at course work/studies) so mostly guardians make the second one who is the topper as the “apple of their eyes” while the first one who’s mostly the failure becomes “bad egg” in the family. The parent discriminate between both children one become the Hero or The Champion while other one become Zero or villain just becuase of studies, as the parental love mostly comes in the bucket of toppers while it hurts the self esteem of the inferior, most of the times children takes this approach as negative which slowly gradually creates a sense of jealousy in them for there siblings, but it is not in all of the cases it’s just an example quoted by me to clear that how the sense of favoritism is developed from our childhood. Sometimes, I feel that this world doesn’t know the true meaning of Justice, Why Justice has to do with this topic? Yeah well Favoritism creates injustice so it has a lot to do with the words justice, it is an unrealised war against justice as if we see it in legal scenario like for an instance the favor is for individuals who are the culprits than legally it will termed as “Injustice” which is the biggest reason behind decline of many so called civilized societies.

Our society is facing decline due to this factor we don’t care about the other side we just see what we think is right, in every field of life favoritism is involved like it has become like carbon dioxide in the air,  how it’s involved? as we can easily find examples of it in the corporate offices, universities, even in banks and the list goes on and on, this particular word has created too many complexities in the society not only that but behind it there is an unlikely word “bribe” is involved which is very much common in many nations, if we talk about bribe it is like a termite eating a wood or a cigarette’s smoke. It destroyes a system slowly but very effectively that after getting in its swamp a society will never come out because it has the evilish glamour that one won’t want to come out.

A corporate individual bribing the other one through an envelope







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