World, A Temprory illusion

Illusion is a word which has simple meaning “دھوکا”, which we can take in the sense of fraudulent existence, the world we live in can be called as that, why?

Its really simple and straight forward that how this existing materialistic world can be called as temporary illusion, as we can see that every object in front of us wherher living or non living has an ending life, even we have to leave this world someday. World has never been a permaneny place for anyone, it’s a rest house for passengers as we are the passengers, time is our mode of transportation it is going without any stop and we are just going in its flow without recognizing it seriously, we are not preparing our selves for the destination, at which we can reach in no time.

Destination is where our travelling stops and then there is no more travelling remains, Eternal Life/world which is without end and will exists forever, that is our true destination but unfortunately we aren’t ready for that life we are just enjoying illusions of this world without noticing our ownself from the day we born to the present we are living in.

Sometimes, I wish that if i were a leaf or drop of water which has a very little life and which aren’t answerable to their act. But I as an human being have to answer for my acts…..

Just remember never trust anyone or anything in this world even not your ownself, because on the day of judgement your own organs will testify against your infront of Allah (S.W.T).


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